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Author Topic: patch planing  (Read 646 times)


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patch planing
« on: December 23, 2005, 05:16:32 PM »

booster packs
Digital Illusions’ expansion pack Battlefield 2 Special Forces was launched in the end of November 2005. This was the first product Electronic Arts sold directly to consumers over the internet.

The test was so successful that the PC game – another expansion pack to Battlefield 2 – planned for launch during spring 2006 now will be changed to booster packs to be sold online.

Every tenth copy of the expansion pack Battlefield 2 Special Forces was over the Internet, and the rest of the copies were sold to retailers. When games are sold online directly to consumers Digital Illusions earns more money per product than if they are sold through retailers.

- We see online sales as a very interesting channel in the future. Digital Illusions work together with EA to find the best solutions that favours both [the consumers and retailers, said Patrick Söderlund, CEO of Digital Illusions.

The Battlefield 2 expansion pack planned to be launched during spring 2006 is now replaced by two booster packs. The change means slightly lower project revenues during the fourth quarter 2005 than during the third, due to a lower development budget. The anticipation though is that this will be compensated by higher royalty revenues during the first six month 2006.

The expansion packs in the Battlefield series have new maps, vehicles and weapons. Each Battlefield booster pack will have new but fewer maps, vehicles and weapons. Instead they are sold to a lower price: 9.99 USD. An expansion pack is usually sold at between 19.90 USD and 29.90 USD. Today at least two Battlefield 2 booster packs are planned for spring 2006.

1.2 info
New patch information for the upcoming 1.2 patch:

    * Patch 1.2 is almost completed and will be released before the launch of the first booster pack
    * Patch 1.3 will be released before the launch of the second booster pack (spring 2006)
    * The changelog of patch 1.2, released earlier this month, is not complete. Besides the gameplay changes, patch 1.2 will contain many clientside bugfixes.
    * Both 1.2 and 1.3 patch will be large is size because of the ingame-support for the booster packs containing new maps, vehicles and weapons.
    * The patch will be released in two versions: one full patch (1.x to 1.2) and one incremental patch (1.12 to 1.2). Both patches will be available for download at and

The incremental patch is a big improvement for BF2 patch distribution! We are looking forward to both booster packs (new ranked maps)!
aprox in 1-3 weeks

patch info
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patch planing
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2005, 11:52:04 PM »

this is the end of battlefield as we know it


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patch planing
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2005, 04:08:08 AM »

!@#$ this is so retarded. I have to find a new FPS game now.
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