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Author Topic: IRC rules  (Read 2887 times)


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IRC rules
« on: March 22, 2004, 10:22:06 PM »

As posted on the MOTD:

Network rules:
   1. NO WAREZ NO WAREZ NO WAREZ -> I cannot stressed this enough operators of warez channels will be GZ:lined on sight!
   2. NO XDCC bots -> XDCC bots will be akilled by SicTransitGloria
   3. NO Bottler scripts -> Bottler is associated with warez and warez is a no no.
   4. NO threatening users -> I don't care if he called you <insultgoeshere> DOS, PoD, hacking attacks or threats will NOT BE TOLERATED
   5. NO threatening IRCOps or IRC servers -> No, we will not give you control of channel x so don't ask / flood. You will be banned and reported to the FBI
   6. NO spamming -> This is pretty much goes without saying DO NOT SPAM
   7. NO connect / disconnect flooding -> Connect / disconnect flooding will recieve a gzline based on the servity of the flood.
   8. NO channel takeovers -> We WILL take action against channel takeovers, don't try it.
   9. TREAT users with respect
  10. Have fun!
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