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Author Topic: Reunion Wrapup  (Read 4611 times)


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Reunion Wrapup
« on: June 24, 2012, 11:31:03 PM »

Hey everyone,

So as you might have noticed the reunion game we had last week was unfortunately our last. It was great to see all of you that were able to join us, brought back a lot of great memories :). Sorry to those of you that weren't able to make any of the games, but we plan on having more reunion games in the future and hope to see you then!

We also hope to see some of you around in the meantime, it's been fun catching up on the forums and IRC. Also, for those that used to play PlanetSide or are newly interested in PlanetSide 2, many of us will be playing it when it comes out (and the beta, which hopefully launches soon!). Mists of Panderia is also on its way and the WoW guild will likely make a comeback with its arrival.

We'll try to make more than one news post every four years to keep everyone up to date with stuff going on. See you around!

P.S. Thanks to ExEric3 for graciously setting up a server for our reunion games!
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