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Author Topic: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 AntiCombatRefill BETA  (Read 1179 times)


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[Plug-in] SSGM2.02 AntiCombatRefill BETA
« on: April 18, 2009, 01:29:48 PM »

[quote title=Quote:]
This is a plug-in designed to work with SSGM2.02 for cnc_renegade.
It was written by reborn from MP-Gaming.COM (

This is the first release version and probably has some bugs in it, with feedback I will fix bugs found.

This plug-in allows the server owner to stop players refilling if they have recently been damaged from another player's character.
Please note that it only stops players refilling there character if they've been damaged by another players character. Vehicle damage, falling damage
and other damage like running on tiberian etc etc do not count towards infantry combat, and therefore they can still refill.
This plug-in comes with a .ini file that allos the server owner to configure how long they wish a player to have to wait before refilling is allowed again.
Please note that it only resets there health, it does not block the refilling of there weapons ammunition.
There is a setting already to block refills in SSGM.ini. The setting is this:
However, this is slightly flawed. Whilst it does actually block refills, it doesn't stop people "purchasing" free characters. This code doesn't actually
stop them from purchasing the free characters either, but it does reset there health back to what it was.
Because of this setting in SSGM there is a conflict with this plug-in if you use them both. If you wish to use this plug-in then you must not try to use
the one built into SSGM, just leave those settings blank.
This is the clostest I have seen to actually being able to stop combat refills, however people can always wait out the timer. This is why the timer is configurable.

I don't run a renegade server, I have no real use for this plug-in and have made it for the sole reason to help other server owners.
If you use this plug-in and modify it or if you see a problem, either tell me, or preferably submit code. Don't be selfish, release the source code.
I believe it is only with this attitude that Renegade will continue to keep it's diminishing player base.
I cannot stress this enough. People all to often sit on there work and it benefits no-one but themselves. If you truely love this game, then you'll help save it.

To use this plug-in, refer to SSGM.ini in your SSGM2.02 server folder.
You'll need to add the .dll to the server folder, and make an entry in the [Plugins] section, mine looks like this:

You will also need to add the CombatRefill.ini file to your server folder.

I urge you visit my forums and my site @ MP-Gaming.COM. I would also like to direct you to Black-Cell.NET. There is a history of this game there that
most people are oblivious to, and without Black-Cell, none of the feature rich servers we have today would be here. They also have a renegade server
back up and running. Be sure to find it in the WOL server listings and join. It's hella fun.


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