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Author Topic: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 CharacterRefund BETA  (Read 1906 times)


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[Plug-in] SSGM2.02 CharacterRefund BETA
« on: April 16, 2009, 11:55:55 AM »

This is a plug-in designed to work with SSGM2.02 for cnc_renegade.
It was written by reborn from MP-Gaming.COM (

This is the first release version and probably has some bugs in it, with feedback I will fix bugs found.

This plug-in is based on the system first created by black-cell. It give players there money back for there purchased characters.
This means that if you are a mobius character that costs 1000 credits, and you then purchase a rifle soldier, you'll notice your credits increase by 1000.
This plug-in gets the costs of characters directly from the objects file. You do not need an objects file on your server for this to work, it just means that if you do have a modified objects file with the characters costs all changed, it'll still work. It will refund the players the money that you have modified yourself.

I don't run a renegade server, I have no real use for this plug-in and have made it for the sole reason to help other server owners.
If you use this plug-in and modify it, if you see a problem, either tell me, or preferably submit code. Don't be selfish, release the source code.
I believe it is only with this attitude that Renegade will continue to keep it's diminishing player base.

To use this plug-in, refer to SSGM.ini in your SSGM2.02 server folder.
You'll need to add the .dll to the server folder, and make an entry in the [Plugins] section, mine looks like this:


I urge you visit my forums and my site @ MP-Gaming.COM. I would also like to direct you to Black-Cell.NET. There is a history of this game there that
most people are oblivious to, and without Black-Cell, none of the feature rich servers we have today would be here. They also have a renegade server
back up and running. Be sure to find it in the WOL server listings and join. It's hella fun.


Small video demonstration


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Re: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 CharacterRefund BETA
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2009, 11:51:15 AM »

New version
This now adds a configurable .ini file for setting the fraction of the refund given to players. New readme explains inside.
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