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Author Topic: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 AntiSpawnKill Beta  (Read 1240 times)


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[Plug-in] SSGM2.02 AntiSpawnKill Beta
« on: April 16, 2009, 11:12:28 AM »


This is a plug-in designed to work with SSGM2.02 for cnc_renegade.
It was written by reborn from MP-Gaming.COM (

This is the first release version and probably has some bugs in it, with feedback I will fix bugs found.

This plug-in allows the server owner to stop people from Spawn Killing players. There is a configurable SpawnKill.ini file included which allows the server owner to choose how long they wish for newly spawned players to remain un-killable for. This setting is a floating point value, so fractions of seconds are possible. I encourage each server owner to find there preferred amount of time. The .ini file is set to 0.3 seconds, but I am guessing each server owner has a different idea as to what is best for them.
This plug-in should be compatible with any renegade server, and it shouldn't matter if you have a different defualt spawner. I've tried to make it as bug free, exploit free and compatible as possible, but please mention anything you might find.

I don't run a renegade server, I have no real use for this plug-in and have made it for the sole reason to help other server owners.
If you use this plug-in and modify it, if you see a problem, either tell me, or preferably submit code. Don't be selfish, release the source code.
I believe it is only with this attitude that Renegade will continue to keep it's diminishing player base.

To use this plug-in, refer to SSGM.ini in your SSGM2.02 server folder.
You'll need to add the .dll to the server folder, and make an entry in the [Plugins] section, mine looks like this:

You will also need to add the SpawnKill.ini file to your server folder.

I urge you visit my forums and my site @ MP-Gaming.COM. I would also like to direct you to Black-Cell.NET. There is a history of this game there that most people are oblivious to, and without Black-Cell, none of the feature rich servers we have today would be here. They also have a renegade server back up and running. Be sure to find it in the WOL server listings and join. It's hella fun.


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