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Author Topic: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 PointsDistributionSystem BETA  (Read 1881 times)


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[Plug-in] SSGM2.02 PointsDistributionSystem BETA
« on: March 12, 2009, 10:32:28 PM »

[quote title=Quote:]
This is a plug-in designed to work with SSGM2.02 for cnc_renegade.
It was written by reborn from MP-Gaming.COM (

The idea and concept of this plug-in was founded on the official APB server hosted by MP-Gaming. Most of the code in this plug-in was written
by Roshambo, I merely edited some parts here and there to make it a plug-in.

It is the first release version and probably has some bugs in it, the purpose of the release is to gain feedback.

Source code has been included in this release. However, I have included it for two reasons:
1) To stay legal and compliant with the License set forth by Jonathan Wilson
2) To get feedback and help from other coders.

I don't run a renegade server, I have no real use for this plug-in and have made it for the sole reason to help other server owners who would like a veteran system.
Please bare this in mind if you use this plug-in and modify it, if you see a problem, either tell me, or preferably submit code. Don't be selfish, release the source code.
I believe it is only with this attitude that Renegade
will continue to keep it's diminishing player base.

To use this plug-in, refer to SSGM.ini in your SSGM2.02 server folder.
You'll need to add the .dll to the server folder, and make an entry in the [Plugins] section, mine looks like this:


This plug-in means that points are only rewarded when a player/vehicle/beacon/c4 has been disarmed/killed (buildings stay the same).
The points are distributed proportionately between the players that damaged the object, according to how much damage they dealt to it.
This means someone who killed the player with a pistol right at the end, but only contributed 2hp of damage, only gets a small amount of the points value.
An interesting system...


Short Movie Demonstration
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