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Author Topic: [Plug-in] SSGM2.02 RequestTeamChange BETA  (Read 1096 times)


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[Plug-in] SSGM2.02 RequestTeamChange BETA
« on: March 09, 2009, 09:25:17 PM »

This is a plug-in designed to work with SSGM2.02 for cnc_renegade.
It was written by reborn from MP-Gaming.COM (

The idea and concept of this plug-in was founded on the fantastic renegade servers that Black-cell run for many years.
It could be argued that it is plagerism, however, I hope people see it as I intend for it to be seen; a testament to them.
You should check out there website at They really are the founders and un-sung heroes of what we have today.
Whilst Black-cell had a perfectly fine request team change system, I already had my own version that worked fine too, and was more familiar with it.
So the concept is based on there version, but the code isn't. Nether the less, without black-cell, none of what we have today in renegade would be here.

It is the first release version and probably has some bugs in it, with feedback I will fix bugs found.

Source code has been included in this release. However, I have included it for two reasons:
1) To stay legal and compliant with the License set forth by Jonathan Wilson
2) To get feedback and help from other coders.

I don't run a renegade server, I have no real use for this plug-in and have made it for the sole reason to help other server owners.
If you use this plug-in and modify it, if you see a problem, either tell me, or preferably submit code. Don't be selfish, release the source code.
I believe it is only with this attitude that Renegade will continue to keep it's diminishing player base.

To use this plug-in, refer to SSGM.ini in your SSGM2.02 server folder.
You'll need to add the .dll to the server folder, and make an entry in the [Plugins] section, mine looks like this:


Players can use the following chat commands to initiate a request team change:


The player can only have one successful team change per map, they also have to not of been playing the game already and therefore must have zero points.
There must also be at least one Nod and one GDI player in the server.


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