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IRC / Zlined
« on: November 19, 2003, 04:54:19 PM »
wow kyt, guess what. Yes there is 2 years difference between us (actually it's more like a year and 3 months). however, maturity has nothing to do with age as you have already stated. oh, you've been working since you were 16...well, I've been working since I was 15. I dont care if your old enough to drink or not, the fact remains I have no respect for people that drink and have to alter who they are in order to have a good time. I dont have respect for the people that do it here, and I especially dont have respect for people that have to brag about it online.

oh, and if you didn't know I dont like drinkers, then I strongly suggest you learn to pay attention. As Scrumfy said, I "piss and moan" all the time, and the majority of the time it's about how much I hate the fuckers up at college that have to go out and get drunk 3 or 4 nights out of the week. Bleh, whatever. You wouldn't possibly understand what my life has been like anymore than you could ever understand why I hate art yet I'm still a Visual arts major. Dont be ignorant about this though, correct me if I'm wrong, but I dont believe anyone else that participated on this server has ever lived in a 3rd world country.

IRC / Zlined
« on: November 19, 2003, 09:24:16 AM »
sadly I doubt you know what maturity is kytten. I didn't get pissed off because of what you said in the channel, I got pissed off because you IMed me on MSN, which you never do, and immediately started talking about how you were drunk. You know I hate people that drink, and yet you privately messaged me letting me know that you were drunk...sadly, that is the antithesis of maturity

and the question was, how is PS any less of a MMORPG than SWG is...if you notice, CC never once answered that question, in fact he acted like a little pain in the ass about it, saying because the company says so...when any nimwit can see that with out an explaination, it is merely a marketing ploy.

IRC / Zlined
« on: November 16, 2003, 05:45:03 AM »
and yet still no one has managed to answer my question. If the answers so obvious, then give me an answer.

IRC / Zlined
« on: November 16, 2003, 04:39:45 AM »
This was taken from BCServ4. It shows the discussion that led me to get banned from the IRC channel for wanting to know why PS is a MMOFPS and SWG is a MMORPG. Some of you might take his side on the issue, actually I'm sure most of you might agree, but there's no way you can agree with his decision to Zline me over this. Everything the bots said plus all join/part messages have been filtered out.

[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:44:39 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> pyro
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:44:45 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> got a double kill by luck and with the 3rd bullet i got the other
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:44:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> ps says, 'plz play me!!!!11111111'
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:44:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> ...
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:44:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> =/
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> PS Says, Lemme lagg0r you to .7 FPS!
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:12 PM -0700 GMT)] <BZR> hi vikki
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:16 PM -0700 GMT)] <vikki> hey bzr
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:22 PM -0700 GMT)] <vikki> cool you got irc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:25 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> heh
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:29 PM -0700 GMT)] <vikki> arg brb
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:30 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> And coem out of my spawen tubes only to die in the hallway by the 20 guys crammed in it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> all with shotguns
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:35 PM -0700 GMT)] <BZR> had it just come once in a while
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:45:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <BZR> !players
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:47:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> good job pyro
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:47:15 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> ?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:47:20 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> for not playing a game just because everyone else is playing it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:47:30 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> tis loading
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:47:41 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> :P
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:48:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> actually im at the forums
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:48:17 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> ?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:48:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> nvm
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:48:40 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> I see
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(19:49:16 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> see...unlike some people around here that play a game because everyone else is
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:00:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> just because you don't like doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to play it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:00:58 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> ?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:00:59 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> i don't like savage, not like i'm complaining about you playing it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:01:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> who you talking to?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:01:17 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> mvz
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:01:49 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> you haven't even tried it, so dont even say you dont like it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:01:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> ahh...well im commin on now...i just wanna find the option to not make PS be full screen
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:02:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <Pyro227> have you tried PS?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:02:18 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> yes
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:02:49 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you also seem to have your genre's mixed up
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:03:03 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> ps is MMOFPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:03:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> savage is RTS/FPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:03:45 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> whatever you say cc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:04:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> except it's a MMOFPS/RTS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:04:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> how is it MMO?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:05 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> players host the games
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:10 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> besides from the fact that it's only online?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:20 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> wtf
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> MMO basically means its an online game, has nothing to do with the fact that people host it
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:32 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> just because it's only online doesn't make it MMO
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:40 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> um
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:49 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> MASSIVLEY multiplayer online
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:52 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> why waste your time arguing cc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:05:57 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> come invade ish
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:06:01 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> there is a veh mod to be stolen for me
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:06:01 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> as in thousands of people play in a single game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:06:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> !ts
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:06:26 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> because i'm going to eat soon
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:06:34 PM -0700 GMT)] <louis> ah ok
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:07:16 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> !players
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:07:18 PM -0700 GMT)] <SS> -22:07:09- Χ••••(/whois:W3`R`S3cKs0N)•••••••••••••••••• ••••• ••• •• •• •• • •
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:07:18 PM -0700 GMT)] <SS> -22:07:09-     Name» thug
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:07:18 PM -0700 GMT)] <SS> -22:07:09-     Address»
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:07:21 PM -0700 GMT)] <SS> D:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:08:04 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> SS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:08:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> stop posting worthless junk
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:08:55 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> !gameinfo
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:10:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> savage is in no way a MMO, the max amount of players per game is like what, 32?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:11:07 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> except I'm in a 72 player game right now
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:11:45 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> ok so, 72, MMO games usually consist of a single world with thousands of players
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:11:54 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> not 100 invidual games of 72
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:12 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> whatever cc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> if what you're saying, ren in MMO
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> cc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:30 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> ris*
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> is*
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:12:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> FPS's are usually a bunch of short quick games
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:13:00 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> therefor, PS isn't a fPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:13:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> PS IS a FPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:13:22 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> PS is in no way a RPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:13:30 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> it's a MMOFPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:13:57 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> FPS != SHORT GAMES
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:14:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> MMO implies the fact that it's online only
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:14:43 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> it also implies it consists of thousands ofg players
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:14:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> well, FPS implies games that go in rounds
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:15:20 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> no, it implies it's a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:15:57 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> ok, them Endless ages is a FPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:16:14 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> PS has thousands of players, it's also a first person shooter, therefor it's a MMOFPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:16:14 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> and so are all the other MMORPGs that are played in first person
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:16:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> but PS has no RPG elements whatsoevewr besides rank
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:17:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> which does not make it a RPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:17:17 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> what makes an RPG then?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:17:53 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> EnB, EQ, EVE those are MMORPG's
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:18:22 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> why?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:18:41 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> why is Star Wars Galaxies a MMORPG but PS isn't?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:20:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> !ladder kokokaja
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:20:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you don't really even battle in SWG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:20:31 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> yes you do
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:20:52 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> for someone that hasn't even played these games, you certainly act like you know alot about them
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:21:26 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> SWG is MMORPG, you pretty much play to gain rank
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:21:39 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> as is with PS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:21:43 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> no
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:21:46 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> you should have heard louis last night
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:23:30 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> no, i have not played a MMORPG, but i do know the difference unlike yiu, where you obviously don't, your goal in PS is not to gain rank, rank is simply integrated into the game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:23:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> oh, ok
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:24:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> good reasoning
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:24:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> savage is hosted by players and does not have thousands of players
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:24:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> MMO != online game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:24:53 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> rank is just included in SWG too, but it's still a MMORPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:25:48 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> PS is NOT a RPG, it has no RPG elements whatsoever besides rank, it's completly a FPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:26:12 PM -0700 GMT)] <kamikash0> !ladder kamikozi0
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:26:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> FPS = first person shoot, PS = first person shoot, you can't even play in third person
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:26:46 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> that guy cheats btw
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:26:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> so u should perm ban him
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:27:10 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> ok, so then renegade isn't a FPS?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:27:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> u hear me...kokokaja is a cheater
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:27:48 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> ...
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:27:48 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> ?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:28:00 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> good for him
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:28:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> o-0
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:28:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <eckology> yo waddup apoc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:28:54 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> SWG is a MMOFPS then
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:29:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> im serious...he shot me in head when i was behind wall, raped my havoc withj regular soldier, then left
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:29:31 PM -0700 GMT)] <eckology> well isnt he all that and a bag of chips
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:29:55 PM -0700 GMT)] * eckology wishes falcon never got irc
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:29:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> wtf
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:30:04 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> hes a damn cheater
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:30:07 PM -0700 GMT)] * eckology knows all he does is complain
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:30:22 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> major was going to ask him stuff but b4 he could the guy left
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:30:35 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> falcon
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:30:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> no one cares
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:31:21 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> wtf??
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:31:42 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> u dont ban people anymore for cheating?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:32:49 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> dude
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:32:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> we'll ban you
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:32:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> SHUT UP
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:33:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> no, SWG is a MMORPG, ren is a FPS, PS is a MMOFPS, savage is a RTS/FPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:33:19 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> why is SWG a MMORPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:33:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> it's played in first person
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:33:39 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> do you gain levels?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:33:55 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> yes, but you do in PS as well
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:34:42 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> SWG is a MMORPG cuz they say it is and is there a reason y u dont care about cheaters anymore
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:34:53 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> lol
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:01 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> and stfu about the cheater already
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:03 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> ffs
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> y?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:08 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> we haerd the first time
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> ok
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> *heard
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <eckology> would you stfu its too late now hes gone shfu
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:27 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> well if stuff is the way the company says it is, then Savage is a MMOFPS/RTS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:44 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> then thats what it is..
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:35:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> its whatever the company says it is
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:37:09 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> then it's agreed and there's no problem
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:38:39 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> im getting SWG soon, and it is a MMORPG cuz its all online and its a role playing game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:39:01 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> wow.. thank you cpt obvious...
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:39:12 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> how is it anymore of an RPG than PS though?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:39:44 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> hmmm
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:39:54 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> cuz
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:39:58 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> u actually do missions
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:40:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> in PS u just run die shoot capture run die shoot capture
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:40:21 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> dont you shoot before you die...?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:40:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> lol
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:40:34 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> ya
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:40:36 PM -0700 GMT)] <apocxs> itd make more sense then dieing being back in your base then shooting..
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:41:15 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> in PS u just run shoot capture die run shoot capture die
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:41:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> that's what you do in SWG if you join the Alliance or empire
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> From the PS website:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> What is PlanetSide?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> PlanetSide is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) involving thousands of players fulfilling all the roles needed to wage war across the face of a planet. The war will involve infantry, ground vehicles and air battles in a science fiction setting.
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Game Specific Features:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Massively multiplayer first person action game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> SWG site:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is the first in a line of massively multiplayer online game products. Thousands of players from around the world come together to live the Star Wars movies!
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Savage site:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Choose to be a commander and you will play an in-depth RTS managing the stronghold, or choose to be a warrior and you will play an intense game of first person combat. With the creation of a new game play genre, RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter),
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> Now on the SWG site I didn't see it say anywhere it's a RPG and didn't feel like looking, but I know for a fact it is.
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:43:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> And here's Gamespy showing it is if you must:
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> lol
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> ccfan shut us all up
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:29 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> I was reading it and I'm playing a game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:37 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> but cc, it's settled
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:42 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> PS is a MMORPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:44 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> err
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> MMOFPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:45:50 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> as is SWG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:46:05 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> no, SWG is a MMORPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:46:13 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> teherw e go
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:46:51 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> get your genre's straight, you have some kind of weird way of putting games in ganre's
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:47:16 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> i had it straight
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:47:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> but mvz didn't
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:47:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> why cc?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:47:53 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> Gamespy isn't the end of the world
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:48:17 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> i'm not going to try to explain why each game is in that ganre like you're a two year old
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:48:29 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> genre*
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:48:36 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> how is SWG any different from PS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:48:52 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> if you're going to classify things, you have to have a reason
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:48:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> it is
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:49:19 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326>'s a completly different game
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:49:34 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> just like Doom and Duke Nukem
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:49:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> SWG = mission based, PS = running and shooting
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:49:56 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you don't go to some entertainer that dances for you to get health in ps
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:50:18 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> you did in duke nukem though
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:50:47 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> or no wait, you drank out of the urinal for health, the dancer was just for show
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:01 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> ok, if you must, go to every game site you can, it will list SWG as a MMORPG and savage as a RTS/FPS, some sites may have PS listed as a MMORPG but it's not, it's a MMOFPS
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:28 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> why though?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> BECAUSE
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:39 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> now i'm not going to argue with you anymore, it's worthless
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:42 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> it is
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:53 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you sound like a two year old
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:55 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> why?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:57 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> why?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:52:59 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> why?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:00 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> lmao
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:07 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> you cant even give me a reason why PS is a MMOFPS but SWG is a MMORPG
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:28 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> ...
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:32 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you know what
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:36 PM -0700 GMT)] * ccfan4326 sets mode: -o+b mvz22685 *!Michael226@*.76E73530.IP
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:36 PM -0700 GMT)] * You were kicked by ccfan4326 (ccfan4326)
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:36 PM -0700 GMT)] * Attempting to rejoin channel #bcserv4
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:36 PM -0700 GMT)] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:54 PM -0700 GMT)] * Rejoined channel #bcserv4
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:54 PM -0700 GMT)] * Topic is 'BCServ4, 24 players - brought to you by ServerMatrix |'
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:54 PM -0700 GMT)] * Set by ccfan4326 on Thu Nov 13 23:13:06
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:54 PM -0700 GMT)] * CityMonster sets mode: +o mvz22685
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:53:54 PM -0700 GMT)] <DragonBot> [mvz22685] - OH YEAH, THATS THE TICKET
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:02 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> wow cc...great logic
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:11 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> you must be captain of the math team
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:14 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> i said i'm done arguing
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> then leave
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:29 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> no one's forcing you to stay
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:32 PM -0700 GMT)] <falcon> lol
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:35 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> or even to reply to what I'm saying
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:38 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> it's my channel
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:44 PM -0700 GMT)] * ccfan4326 sets mode: -o+b mvz22685 *!Michael226@*.76E73530.IP
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:45 PM -0700 GMT)] * You were kicked by ccfan4326 (ccfan4326)
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:45 PM -0700 GMT)] * Attempting to rejoin channel #bcserv4
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:54:45 PM -0700 GMT)] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)

This part was taken from #bcserv4-admin and occured after my ban from #bcserv4

[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:55:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> wow, he even acts like a 30 year old
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:56:33 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> go away
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:57:04 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> you bother me every day
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:58:06 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> awww...did I hurt the little babies feelings?
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:58:23 PM -0700 GMT)] <ccfan4326> nah, you're just an annoying fuck
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:58:29 PM -0700 GMT)] <mvz22685> sorry if you're being hypocrite of the year
[(Saturday November 15th, 2003)(20:59:01 PM -0700 GMT)] * Disconnected
Closing Link: mvz22685[***.**.***.***] (Z:lined (I'm sure most if not everyone will agree with this.))

I could say more about why I called him a hypocrite, but it's not like any of you would believe me anyways. I dont expect any of you to take my side on this, in fact I expect quite the opposite, that's if this isn't deleted before anyone can read it. I'm probably not gonna come back to check this thread, and I dont really care about being Zlined all that much, I'm tired of being treated like shit every time I try to convince someone that God forbid they should download a Demo for a game which I think they might enjoy. I'm actually somewhat pissed off at those of you I do enjoy talking to merely because you moved on to PS just because it's what everyone else is doing. I just felt that everyone should be aware of the circumstances under which I was Zlined.

C&C: Renegade Servers / hmod, vip, admin list for serv's 1 an 3
« on: November 05, 2003, 09:53:18 PM »
I'm a mod because I did WD and CC a favor...

C&C: Renegade Servers / hmod, vip, admin list for serv's 1 an 3
« on: November 05, 2003, 05:20:41 PM »
Im still not on the list in bc 1  :huh:  :unsure:
that's because we dont like you :p  :grin:  

C&C: Renegade Servers / mod problem
« on: October 24, 2003, 07:48:24 PM »
I'm not gonna sit there and repair a building for 15 minutes. PERIOD. I'm sick enough of baby sitting as it is. I gave you warnings and you paid no heed to them, thus you were kicked. Anyone that wouldn't have kicked you is someone that approves of ruining this game.

C&C: Renegade Servers / mod problem
« on: October 24, 2003, 04:34:51 AM »
<BCServ> @h8today: enough of the fucking pointwhoring
<BCServ> @h8today: that's fucking riddiculous
<BCServ> RuinCobra: talk about milking it
<DragonBot> apoc has disconnected from the TS server.
<DragonBot> supreem47 has disconnected from the TS server.
*here I noticed you have 10000 pts and asked ruin how much money you had.*
<BCServ> RuinCobra: 11305
<BCServ> @h8today: !kick s0ulblast EXTREMELY accessive point whoring
<BCServ> s0ulblast has left the game
<BCServ> s0ulblast was kicked from the game
<BCServ> RuinCobra: damn i wish i got tech support like soul
<BCServ> Host: (DragonServ): Kicked: s0ulblast - Reason: EXTREMELY accessive point whoring - By: h8today.

that, in addition to other pages from your own team complaining about you, is why you were kicked

C&C: Renegade Servers / mod problem
« on: October 24, 2003, 04:27:39 AM »
blah blah blah, I'd kick you again. you were point whoring excessively, your own team was complaining about you. you could have at very least moved the fucking arty 10 feet forward and hit a different building.

General Discussion / Are u in School or are u done?
« on: October 11, 2003, 08:14:02 PM »
technically, I'm done. I'm still in college, but done with school

C&C: Renegade Servers / BCserv4 weekly schedule?
« on: October 11, 2003, 08:12:11 PM »
now appearantly we are doing this know that beany head said he wanted it.

General Discussion / Computer configuration.
« on: October 10, 2003, 06:26:45 AM »
I spent maybe up to 1000 and all I can see having to buy is a new video card and a 512 chip of ram...everything else works perfect and will for a VERY long time

General Discussion / Computer configuration.
« on: October 09, 2003, 04:21:40 PM »
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512 DDR 2100
160 Gb HDD 7200rpm
GF4 Ti4200 128Mb
52x24x52 CD-RW
HP dvd200i (DVD-RW)
Windows XP Pro
Sound Blaster Live!
Logitech Cordless Elite Duo

It's not much but hey, I can run every game I own with all the settings turned to the max, I still have 70 GB after having every game I own installed, plus leagues and leagues of tv shows, music videos...and quite a bit of completely worthless software that I downloaded at one point or another. It gets the job done, and how many of you can say you can burn dvds?

C&C: Renegade Servers / Rumor i heard....
« on: October 08, 2003, 05:44:41 AM »
no, someone was saying they could do things before they bothered being certain if it'd work. no bcinf any time soon.
you know, it's amazing how long you seem to be able to go for without talking shit about someone

Sometimes plans dont work out like they're supposed to, I cant help the fact that they took away my set bandwidth.

IRC / irc
« on: October 05, 2003, 07:00:34 PM »
I haven't been able to connect on those either...

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