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General Discussion / Renegade Global Community Tournament(RGCT)
« on: July 28, 2009, 07:05:52 PM »
Hello I would like to invite Black-Cell to participate in the RGCT.

C&C: Renegade / Re: Hell Freezes Over!(2v2 Team Tournament)
« on: November 25, 2008, 05:24:18 PM »
Prizes: Warriors of the winning team will each receive an EA game of their choice.

Working link:

C&C: Renegade / Hell Freezes Over!(2v2 Team Tournament)
« on: November 24, 2008, 03:35:41 AM »
Big tournament sponsored by


-16 teams allowed(If more sign-up then I will make the tournament larger or reserves will be added)

-Start date will be Sunday December 21st @ 2:00pm eastern.

-This will be a 2v2 based Tournament. (Everybody welcome; not just .cc players!)

*Maps to be played...
-Rd.1: Field
-Rd.2: Walls
-Rd.3: City Flying
-Rd.4: Islands
-Rd.5(if needed): Suggest 1 map in your sign-up

*Each team will play as GDI and NOD on each map.

*Victory Conditions...
-Base destruction. If one team destroys a base and the other doesn't then it's an automatic victory.
-Base destruction time. If both teams destroy the others base then whomever did it faster advances.
-Total Score . If neither base was destroyed then whichever team has the highest total score from both sides in the round advances.

*Normal Clanwar rules apply.

-If your opponent fails to show up to a match at the deadline time then post on the forums showing you were there and trying to play the scheduled match.

- If neither team shows up at the deadline then both will forfeit and either be replaced by reserves or disqualified.

-All matches must be played in a server to be valid.

-Remember to provide screenshots as evidence of your victory.

P.S.- Prizes TBA

Good Luck All!!!

Link + sign-up here:

C&C: Renegade / Introducing Tiberian Technologies.....
« on: November 06, 2008, 04:08:22 PM »

Today is the day the arrow reveals all! In this post, you will learn about the newest (and yet the oldest) development team in Renegade! Your support in this new group is humbly requested as we have learned from our past mistakes and those of others. I now present to you, on behalf of the excellent group I represent, Tiberian Technologies!

Who is Tiberian Technologies?

Tiberian Technologies is a newly formed group, founded in December 2007 by mac and Crimson, who aimed to unite the best Renegade coders, as there are many individual groups trying to achieve similar things. Now, all of the people that created the most widely-used software utilities such as RenGuard, BRenBot, BIATCH, scripts.dll, and Renegade Resurrection are now united into one single group: Tiberian Technologies.

This group is dedicated to eradicate the heretics and restore Renegade to its former glory! Our first step is the creation of a new patch. We hope that with the community's support, we can get this patch sent through to all players as an official game patch. It consists of many bugfixes and an extremely extended version of the old custom scripts.dll, a new map, and a lot of stuff ported over from BlackIntel's projects and Renegade Resurrection.

Patch Info

TT strives to bring Renegade up to the next level. The game we have played and loved for years will be updated to include fixes for many nasty bugs, reduction of lag issues, and even enhanced gameplay with new features.

We've been working for a long time in the shadows to bring you the most important Renegade development in the past 5 years and now we are proud to announce a new patch!

The patch, originally planned as Core Patch 3, contains the following highlights:

    * scripts.dll 4.0

          o built in Anti Cheat (replaces RenGuard)
          o automatic downloading of maps and other content
          o better compatibility with programs such as VoiceOverlay for TeamSpeak
          o countless engine bugfixes and performance enhancements

                + most prominent bugfixes:

                      # Blue Hell fix!
                      # Purchase Terminals no longer broken after rejoin
                      # The pistol now starts out loaded when you spawn
                      # The repair bays on Glacier Flying and other maps with repair bays now work correctly
                      # You will no longer be killed on some maps if you are standing right next to the weapons factory and someone buys a vehicle
                      # Taking a screenshot no longer causes lag
                      # Using a sniper scope no longer causes lag

                + Enhancements:

                      # Support for using the left and right side buttons on mice with more than 3 buttons
                      # The weapon back and forward keys will now skip weapons that are out of ammo. You can still access those weapons by pressing the number keys to select the specific weapon
                      # New feature on vehicles that calculate damage points based on last occupant
                      # Points Fix - fixes an error in the way points are calculated when attacking vehicles with green health. Against all other targets, points are directly proportionate to damage, but not green-health vehicles due to a coding mistake. This is why, for example, snipers could get illogically high points for attacking heavy vehicles they did very little damage to.
                      # The selection of where you spawn when you join the game/die/etc is now more random

    * New Maps

          o "City2" map by Deathlink6.0 will be shipped with the patch

BRenBot and NightRegulator will be updated as necessary to support these changes, and we will work with other bot authors to update theirs as well.

Community Support
These communities have been recognized by TT as the most popular and influential and as such, their leadership has received advance notification of this project and have all agreed to support it and us in any way they can. It will be very important to have these communities and everyone else possible participate in testing this patch in order to convince EA that such a patch should be released officially to all players and made mandatory. This part is essential to the success of the anti-cheat components.

    * n00bstories
    * Jelly Games
    * BlackIntel
    * UNRules
    * TheKOSS2
    * Atomix Gaming
    * MP Gaming
    * n00bless
    * German Renegade Community (RCS Server)
    * Black Cell
    * St0rm Gaming
    * Renz0r Gaming
    * TsuGaming


Tiberian Technologies consists of the brightest minds in the Renegade community, including members of BlackIntel, Blackhand Studios, Black Cell, and a new face or two. The member list in alphabetical order is:

Name            Country         Position        Group                   Software Titles
Blazer          USA             Consultant      Blackhand Studios       BRenBot
Cat998          Austria         Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
Crimson         USA             Management      Blackhand Studios       RenGuard
danpaul88       UK              Coder           Blackhand Studios       BRenBot
egoflux0        USA             Coder           none
EvilWhiteDragon Netherlands     Consultant      BlackIntel              BIATCH
Ghostshaw       Netherlands     Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
inetkngeek      USA             Coder           Blackhand Studios       RenGuard, CPs
jonwil          Australia       Coder           Blackhand Studios       scripts.dll
mac             Germany         Management      Blackhand Studios       BrenBot/RenGuard
Saberhawk       USA             Coder           none                    scripts.dll
Sir Kane        Germany         Coder           Blackhand Studios       Original bhs.dll, ladder server, RenGuard
StealthEye      Netherlands     Coder           BlackIntel              BIATCH
Spoony          UK              QA/Balance      none    
WhiteDragon     USA             Coder           Black Cell              SSGM
v00d00          Canada          Coder           Blackhand Studios       TFD's no cd crack, RenGuard
Yrr             Germany         Coder           none                    Renegade Resurrection


Only our messiah Kane himself knows what else the future holds for Renegade with this new development team!

[Edit] Credits go to Deathlink6.0 for the TT-Logo!

[Updated on: Fri, 22 August 2008 13:47]


C&C: Renegade / Clanwar League--Competitive gaming for Ren.
« on: November 06, 2008, 04:05:55 PM »
This is a league where anybody can make a clan and compete. Right now I will be honest and say the league is not very active, but I think bringing in the right people could shape up the league. It is a free sign-up and they give out free prizes{lately the top 3 warriors in the league(for each month) get to pick out a game of their choice for free sponsored by EA}. I just got red-alert 3 for free this month . I am not sure how many people actually know about this so figured I would let you all know. If your interested the link is here.

After you look at that link sign up at the forums here.

Make sure you put down your MSN in the contact list thread to start playing Clanwars.

Good Luck ALL!!! Razz

P.S. I know this is old news, but just in case some people didn't know I am trying to revive the league and also get decent people to play in it. I know has the reputation of immature 5 year olds who just flame each other and have no sportsmanship at all, but it is not like that anymore and most people have left. I hope you all will help by participating in rebuilding the league.

Thank you for your time.

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