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Banned / Banned ...
« on: January 06, 2006, 07:39:31 PM »
Hello admins , mods and however else this goes to,

I am DarkIDz aka DarkAadX and i was banned like .. a year ago i think (could be just a little longer but I dont remember that well.)
At that time i was banned by cumdunt for cheat... which obviously i did not agree with, I had renguard running (as always) and took through every test he wanted from me.
I dont know if the screenshots are still here somewhere, there were 2, 1 of BCbot saying he noticed i had rg running and that that shall prove i do not cheat. The other 1 was the screenshot cumdunt requested and i sent to his email... THOUGHT this was not the point in the topic that was made after my ban... The topic was about me having much points ( like 500 more then nr2 in the beginning of the game).
I must tell i was having a good week, I thought i was getting a little more popular in BC and helped a mod do a test the night before my ban. now for my explanation for the points, there is HS on snipers and shooting on tank with laser rifle (again it was a very long time ago so i cant remember exact). for all this i wasnt banned. The ban came when, i was in the tunnel ( we were playing field if i am correct.) and i saw a Sakura (I was a deadeye) and i started shooting at her. she was at the Ref side entrance of nods tunnels and we were having a shootout  :p  i hit her 1 or twice and was winning at the third shot, i hit cumdunt which was standing right next to her. I hit him in the head and was pretty like: wow am i good  :smile: . Thought i pwned him hehe...
Next was the black screen with the feared msg...You have been kicked from the channel...
Id love if you guys look into this case and you will see that i could not cheat, Tho i know renguard doesnt mean much here....
Reason coz i posted here: the past time i thought of bc like ppl that ban falsly and i didnt have much respect. But last month my clan, Xphaze, had a funwar with BCNC.(We lost 2-1  :tongue: ) and saw that BC is a good gaming community and they desirve respect too... Thx in advance for looking into my case and if u want to reach me fast ... I am usually on XpZ IRC or give me a quick PM on Xpz forums..

Thx, DarkIDz

Edit: to make it easier ... type in your forums search: darkaadx

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